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Essential Oil and Hydrosol Production
Care Promise’s Frankincense Essential Oil and Hydrosol are both produced from authentic, locally sourced Bowellia sacra Frankincense resin using a hydro-distillation process in our FDA-registered facility in Oman. Great care is taken to ensure a full extraction of the oil from the resin. The hydro-distillation process is key to ensuring a high quality and consistent essential oil. Throughout distillation it is critical to have:
  • Good steam: Care Promise uses a state-of-the-art boiler that can supply precisely the right temperatures and levels of steam.
  • Good water filtration system: This is key to extracting as much mineral content as possible from water and preventing electrolysis inside the boiler.
  • Even heat distribution: Maintaining steam and heat distributed equally and uniformly throughout the resin avoids reflex and homogenization which can destroy quality of the essential oil.
  • Even pressure throughout the system: It is critical to have the volume and flow equal to the pressure inside the system to lift the oil up to the condenser. Failing to to do causes the heavy components to drop back in or be absorbed back into the biomass.
Once both products have been approved through our quality control procedures, they are packaged and stored ready for export.
Bulk Packaging
Our essential oil is packed into UN-DG certified aluminium bottles, housed in UN-DG certified cardboard. Sizes are 1kg, 5kg and 20kg.
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FDA Registered Facility
Our distillery in Oman is registered with the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
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