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Sustainable Sourcing and Traceability
Care Promise LLC has formal supply agreements with local land owners located throughout the Salalah Mountains of Oman, an area known for the three highest quality Boswellia sacra resins (Shaabi, Hojari and Nagdi). All of our resin suppliers are paid fair market prices which are set by the Omani government.
Each Care Promise supplier sustainably manages their Frankincense tree populations, as they have done for several generations. Great care is taken to ensure their heritage is never mismanaged or overexploited. Tapping is carried out by trained and experienced harvesters using a systematic approach that both protects health of the tree populations and encourages their propagation.
All of our products are fully traceable. Our tracking and batch control systems follow the movement of the raw material from harvesting through to distillation and finished product. The resin sourcing operation encompasses the following stages:
  1. Tapping: Harvesters follow carefully developed sustainable tapping techniques that have been used for centuries and absolutely guarantee the health of the tree for future generations.
  2. Harvesting & Seasoning: Harvesters manually pick the tears of solidified resin and then season them by further drying. Seasoning is a critical step in the overall process to prevent clumping of the tears which can effect their eventual grade quality.
  3. Quality Control: The raw material is then transported to our distillery. The resin is examined for quality. Any material that does not comply with our specifications is immediately rejected. Resin that successfully passes quality control is then released for distillation.
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